Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument

now this one this is the thing I really hate here’s Olivia Wilde who’s the actress most famous from being in house and and here she is talking about why she is in favor of abortion this is one of the more disgusting videos I’ve ever seen this election cycle I’m thinking a lot about reproductive rights everyone’s right to plan when they want to have a family and it’s on my mind because I’m literally about to have a baby like in a minute to be able to decide okay so she says that she’s thinking about reproductive rights one minute from having a baby this is about as perverse a notion as I could possibly imagine that as you’re about to have your child you’re thinking boy wouldn’t it be great if I could still kill this thing it’s really imperative that I be able to still kill this thing you know Here I am look how pregnant I am there’s a baby in here this is my beautiful child and I was thinking maybe I should just kill it you know it’s really important that women be able to kill at any time they please she continues along these lines not of course understanding really what she’s saying on a moral level ow and when and why and where I want to have a baby and I believe that is a basic human right I care about reproductive rights what do you care about if you care about your future go for it okay what I care about is not killing babies and let me let me this is going to be mildly graphic but this is important because I’m sick of the euphemisms okay it’s not aborting a fetus it’s not getting rid of a ball of tissues a ball of tissue okay this is this what I’m about to show you right now is a picture of a baby okay this is a baby that was that was it was a it was a picture of a baby that was aborted by Kermit Gosnell okay this is the Gosnell was it was somebody who was not covered by the media in any way shape or form he was the most prolific serial killer probably in American history and this was a baby girl aborted by aborted by Kermit Gosnell and he and the only question was whether it was legal for him to kill this baby or not and the only question there was how old was the baby and was the abortion done inside the womb or outside the womb okay so this baby I believe was after the 24 we cut off but not by much so this is this baby is let’s see how how old this baby is this is a where where the an abortion went awry she went to a hospital and the baby ended up dying at the hospital by 24 weeks most babies born prematurely will survive this is a late-term abortion okay this is what her baby looks like in the womb we can say that picture again that’s what that baby looks like no there’s a less graphic picture of what an abortion looks like a more graphic picture of what abortion looks like involves the snipping off of the the crushing of the skull the sucking out of the brains it involves and these are fully formed children these are fully formed children I have two beautiful children the idea that you get to murder a kid okay no one has a right to choose that picture go back to the other one no one has a right to choose this no one no one has a right to choose this you don’t have a right to choose this okay that’s a baby you don’t get to kill it just because it’s convenient to you you’re never right to say I it’s my decision where and when and how to have the baby that’s an individual human being and if that baby were outside the womb and you stuck a knife through its chest we’d be charged with first-degree murder you kill it in the womb and we call it a human right that’s not a human right because that’s a human that human doesn’t have any rights because you just decided it’s rights are less important than your right to your own convenience despicable despicable and so I want to we’re now gonna play a game with the left let’s play let’s play a little game with the left the game goes like this okay show the other image the game goes like this at which point should you be able to kill this baby okay we’re gonna play a game called when should you be able to kill this baby because I’ve been told by people like Hillary Clinton that you’re able to kill this baby all the way up to the very end right 32 to 30 weeks right and that’s when the baby is fully formed it can be born alive it is a fully formed human being I’ve watched two of them come out of my wife these are human beings these are not balls of tissue these are not clusters of cells and I’m sick of being told that it’s just an abortion I don’t like the euphemisms it’s not a termination of a pregnancy it’s a termination of a human life okay it’s a murder of a human being when you’re talking about these babies and and this idea that you get to choose that look you got to choose a lot of things in life you don’t get to choose another human beings death that’s not something you get to choose so when is it okay to kill this when is it okay to kill this is it okay to kill this thing at week 14 when the heart is pumping several quarts of blood through the body every day how about week 15 when the baby has an adult’s taste buds how about month four when the bone marrow is beginning to form how about that all right how about that how about weeks nine and 10 when the baby’s teeth are already be to form its fingernails already beginning to develop we’re talking about two months old right the baby can turn the head and frown the baby can hiccup is that okay to kill how about week four by the end of the week for the the kid is already ten thousand times larger than the fertilized eggs was there’s already the beginnings of eyes and legs and hands they’re already brain waves detectable mouth and lips are present fingernails are forming how about week three by the end of the third week the kids backbone and spinal column and nervous system are forming the liver and kidneys and intestines are beginning to take shape how about day twenty two the heart’s already beating with the child’s blood which may be of a different blood type than the mother so we’re in here exactly do you think it’s okay to murder that kid because you have a personal convenience issue where do you think that you’re right and I love I love the glowing way she presents this Here I am I can’t be a bad woman because I’m pregnant I can’t hate babies I mean Here I am I’m pregnant well if you don’t hate babies or if you if you’re not interested in killing them then why are you in favor of people being allowed to kill them because it’s not a matter of a woman’s right to choose a slave-owner didn’t get to choose to hold slaves Nazis didn’t get to decide which Jews got to live and don’t give me the it’s legal therefore it’s okay lots of things were legal lots of things in human history have been legal that we’re totally evil Kate is evil to suggest as Hillary Clinton does that the minute before a baby is born you should be able to drag it by the feet out of the mother except for the head stick a scissors in there Ram it into the baby’s skull rip the skull open suck the brains out crushing it and then pull it out that’s hella that the Hillary believes that that’s something you should be allowed to do when I talk about stuff I hate this is a grave sin it’s a blot on the American Republic it’s a blot on the morality of the American people that we allow that we treat the killing of unborn a the most literally the most innocent among us literally the most innocent among us we treat the killing of these human beings as nothing more than just an issue of convenience and choice and and all the rest of it it’s just no more euphemisms no more euphemisms and I wish to God that Mike Pence would have said that instead of citing to the Bible okay I have incited the Bible one time cuz I don’t think that the Bible I think the Bible is right but I don’t think the Bible is the important textbook here I think what’s important here is the science and I think you’re talking about the creation of a unique human life day one and you can see it and you can see the growth and if you’re willing to point out to me where it is that this becomes a human as opposed to a ball of tissue then let’s hear it let’s hear I’ve gotten tweets by the way I tweeted this out earlier and somebody said well the brainwaves only start at week 20 so how about that you know what do you think that people who are brain dead are alive well people who are brain dead don’t turn into not brain dead for three weeks later would you kill somebody in a coma because the brain dead but you know they’re not gonna be brain dead in four weeks and ten weeks would you do that would you pull the plug not him knowing for a full-on fact if you just wait a few weeks that person’s gonna be fully functional again would you do that and it’s just it’s it’s it’s truly incredible to me the way that we can blind ourselves to this I remember why I was at the I was at the 2012 DNC and and I went to you know I was in Charlotte and I walked past an exhibit and it was pictures is the is the anti-abortion crowd the pro-life crowd and they were out there with with these pictures of aborted babies and I walked past and I thought what most people from big cities thought I thought wow how gauche how gauche I mean those are ugly pictures should I really have to look at that in the public square that’s really ugly and then I realized that that’s probably how people treated pictures of slavery back in the 1850s that’s probably how people treated pictures of a Holocaust back in the 1940s the bottom line is if it’s that ugly maybe you should do something about it instead of whining about how ugly it is and it’s not a matter of personal choice okay I have a stake and whether my neighbor gets murdered and I have a stake and whether my neighbor’s baby gets murdered too

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